Entrepreneurs in Salt Lake City face number of challenges when seeking adequate financing for their businesses. Jade Dog Capital supplements the information offered by such great organizations as NAWBO Salt Lake City and Local First, by providing the small business loans in the area. Small business loans in Salt Lake City, Utah from Jade Dog Capital can be used to a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Basic working capital
  • Acquiring fixed assets
  • Funding for growth
  • Business equipment
  • Purchasing, rehab/renovation, and refinancing commercial real estate
  • Restructuring business debt from existing loans

SBA 504 Small Business Loans In Salt Lake City, UT

Jade Dog Capital offers a program for SBA 504 small business loans in Salt Lake City, UT. Our SBA 504 program provides a number of benefits to local independent and small business owners, such as:

  • Funding for projects up to $12 million
  • Up to 90 percent LTV for equipment purchases
  • Up to 80 percent LTV on transactions for commercial real estate
  • Full amortizations
  • The most favorable interest rates in Salt Lake City, UT

Our SBA 504 loan program offers solutions for small businesses, to help them with projects including:

  • Purchasing equipment and other large fixed assets
  • Commercial real estate acquisitions in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Construction on local commercial properties

SBA 7a Small Business Loans For Salt Lake City Entrepreneurs

Our SBA 7a loan program offers the versatility and flexibility that Salt Lake City businesses demand. Local entrepreneurs use SBA 7a small business loans in Salt Lake City, UT for everything from working capital for internal projects to commercial real estate. In order for local entrepreneurs to take advantage of our small business loans in Salt Lake City, UT they must meet the following requirements:

  • Manufacturers in Salt Lake City must generate less than $6 million in revenue, annually
  • Retail businesses must employ fewer than 500 people in total
  • Service industry businesses must have a workforce of 500 or fewer

For entrepreneurs looking at commercial real estate transactions in Salt Lake City, SBA 7a loans form Jade Dog Capital offer financing on local properties, including:

  • Shopping centers
  • Storefronts
  • Hotels
  • Office space
  • Self storage
  • Mobile home parks
  • Automotive repair facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Childcare facilities

The Jade Dog Capital Advantage

One of the biggest myths about small business loans if that the SBA is a lending institution. The truth is the SBA provides the structure, but the loans still have to be processed through official lending channels. For the most part, traditional lenders, such as banks, handle requests for small business loans in Salt Lake City, UT. However, the loan requirements, combines with the red tape of traditional lenders, can slow down the approval process. Jade Dog Capital is a preferred financial services company among SBA lenders. For local business owners, this means we can fast track requests for small business loans in Salt Lake City, UT to ensure funds are disbursed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our position allows us to get the most favorable terms and rates in the Salt Lake City area.

Contact Jade Dog Capital today to learn more about our programs for small business loans in Salt Lake City, UT.