Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing Aids Expansion

commer-real-strip-mall-webWhereas most traditional business lending is focused on the credit rating of borrower, stated income commercial real estate loans tend to be more concerned with the income viability of the real estate involved. Generally, these loans are sought by borrowers who want to refinance or purchase a piece of commercial real estate. However, the loan application must make it clear that the property can support payments on the mortgage, insurance and taxes that will be due throughout the term of the loan. This type of lending usually has a quicker turnaround time because the number of documents required from the borrower is much smaller than a traditional business loan.


This type of financing comes with a specific set of Jade Dog Capital requirements, including:

  • Loan amount of $100,000 to $5 million
  • Minimum 600 credit score
  • Proof of income (W-2 or self-employed)
  • Maximum of 65 percent LTV for office, warehouse, retail, self-storage or restaurant use, among many other options
  • Maximum of 75 percent LTV for multifamily housing of at least five units or a mixed-us property
  • Maximum of 70 percent LTV for non-owner-occupied properties between one and four units

Stated Income Loan Options for Use

  • Debt consolidation – Bundle smaller loans and pesky payments into one simple monthly payment and less time spent tracking minor bills.
  • Working capital – No matter the reason for needing capital right this instant, Jade Dog Capital can help with the stated income loan you’ve been looking for.
  • Property purchase – Whether you want to buy your current building or invest in commercial property, this is easiest lending solution for you.
  • Refinancing – Reduce your interest rate or eliminate challenging balloon payments with this type of financing, which features low rates and no balloon payments.
  • Property enhancement – From repairs to expansions, you will get the funds you need.

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