Get Financing to Keep Production Running Smoothly

purchase-order-log-webSometimes the main thing you need to keep your company rolling is pre-sold merchandise. We offer purchase-order financing so you can import, export or create pre-sold merchandise at the speed that works for you.

We can handle the details for options such as financing works in process or obtaining letters of credit for trade transactions. Our expertise includes financing for imports, exports or domestic trade when needed and at the level you require.

Consider these benefits when you are mulling whether to seek purchase-order financing:

  • Loans are quickly funded, giving you access to money right away.
  • Production is more effective and more lucrative when larger orders can be fulfilled.
  • Ability for the company to grow without losing equity to an investor or accumulating a lot of bank debt.
  • Market share rises as production ramps up.
  • Customer satisfaction improves as production times are tighter and delivery estimates become more reliable.

Often, procuring the level of pre-sold goods you need can be more challenging than the sales or production aspects of your business. At Jade Dog Capital, we assist producers, distributors, resellers or wholesalers of manufactured goods keep their operations running with timely and helpful influxes of cash.

Regardless whether you have little access to capital, limited experience in your field or poor cash flow, Jade Dog Capital is ready to help. Give us a call today to learn more.