Medical and Healthcare Financing Keep Ball Rolling

doctor-webAt Jade Dog Capital, we provide loans to medical professionals such as veterinarians, doctors and dentists so that you can continue providing health care to your clients. Our offerings include loans for practice acquisition, working capital, equipment purchases, debt consolidation and even expansion loans when you are ready to grow your practice.

Practice Acquisition Loans

Jade Dog Capital has the capital you need to achieve the growth you seek. Qualified medical professionals can enjoy the benefit of 100 percent financing for a variety of purchases.

  • Starting a medical practice
  • Absorbing an existing practice
  • Buying out a current partner

Working Capital Financing

Medical professionals can get financing for whatever type of purchasing they need to improve their practices. The loans require no initial payments and can be set for terms up to 72 months. In addition, the loan will not show up on your personal credit report.

Equipment Leases

Jade Dog Capital can make an equipment loan and arrange the lease within the same process. Choose from a range of payment options and include up to half for the soft costs.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Revolving debt can be a major hurdle when it comes to running a successful practice. We can help you bundle your smaller loans into one larger financing package that comes with a single monthly payment. The loan can be awarded with a short approval process.

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