Consumer Financing

consumer-finance-webJade Dog Capital’s consumer finance program is ideal for companies that offer financing options to their customers. Consumer financing is a great way to ensure that your customers have access to the funds they need to purchase your products or services, especially if they are a bit on the expensive side. Our program ensures that you never lose this ability, so there is no need to worry about whether or not your customers will be able to afford your items. With us on your side, you will be able to secure your income, even if you are having difficulty with your finances.

The Benefits of Jade Dog Capital Financing

Our consumer finance program is available to any business who offers products or services below $10,000. We can even help you provide financing to customers with less than desirable credit. Other advantages of our financing program include:

  • Instant processing and approval
  • Tiered pricing options
  • Flexible repayment options
  • E-signature capabilities

If you prefer, Jade Dog Capital can even purchase your bad debt portfolios, and we have the ability to finance customers who have been turned down by your current credit provider.

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Jade Dog Capital’s consumer finance program can keep you in business and increase profits. We understand the commitment you have to your customers and we want to help you keep it. Contact us today to start your application.