Business Credit Building


Business credit is often the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind when they start a company—which means that when they need it, it’s not there. Separate business credit is required to get lines of credit and business credit cards, and it’s analyzed in any company valuation done by financial institutions or potential investors. Some large companies will even check your credit before working with you! To be successful, business owners need to establish their company’s credit separate from their personal credit profiles—and the sooner the better.

Building business credit doesn’t need to be a mystery. Jade Dog Capital has established a number of partnerships that empower companies to quickly build up their business credit portfolios. We’ll help you add our partners’ vendor lines to your business credit report, and with weekly progress reports you’ll be able to watch your credit grow rapidly. In just 3-4 months, your business will qualify for at least $50,000 in unsecured lines of credit without a personal credit check!

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